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Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing

With Direct Sourcing, you can build a stronger workforce by accessing your organization’s existing talent pools, as well as extending your reach into additional talent pools to find quality candidates.

How Prosperix can help you

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Increase Your Available Talent Pools With Direct Sourcing

With Direct Sourcing, you can build a stronger workforce by accessing your organization’s existing talent pools as well as extending reach into additional talent pools to find quality candidates. With more haystacks to search and select from, your ability to find ideal candidates increases exponentially.

Leverage existing talent pools:

Access additional talent pools:

Speed Up Time-To-Hire

Not only does Direct Sourcing give you more candidates to choose from, it also speeds up time-to-hire, so your favorite candidates can start quickly. Reducing time-to-hire can have a major impact on your business outcomes.

Prosperix speeds-up hiring timelines by:

Leverage Your Brand to Increase Candidate Engagement

Once talent pools are built and accessible, engaging and nurturing your talent pools is an absolute necessity.

Talent branding and engagement campaigns are a great way to turn passive candidates into active ones. Using a top-of-mind, high-touch outreach approach, you can help talent become familiar and well versed with your company and its culture over a period of time, which empowers individuals to engage when the right opportunities arise.

Prosperix gives businesses the ability to:

Enhance Your Candidate Experience

Today’s candidates know they’re in demand and that they have choices in where to work. They are selective about the companies they want to engage with, and their criteria spans beyond compensation and perks to meaningful work that aligns with their goals and purpose.

With this in mind, it’s important to empower candidates with access to information so they can self-select the right opportunities that resonate with them, while simultaneously creating a premium experience that allows them to feel appreciated and valued.

Prosperix is leading the way in enhancing the candidate experience by providing:

Reduce Hiring Costs and Program Spend

One of the major drivers for implementing Direct Sourcing is the ability to realize immediate cost savings with little or no investment. Businesses often see reduced hourly rates or fees for individual hires as well significant savings from an overall program spend perspective.

Prosperix helps businesses realize substantial savings by:

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