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Use powerful innovation to hire at scale and manage a high performing workforce.

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Prosperix VMS Network

In a world of exponential change, businesses require innovative hiring solutions to keep up. Prosperix VMS Network uses network, machine, and human intelligence to enhance workforce management and achieve outstanding hiring outcomes.

Our innovations include:

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Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace

Job Marketplace Table View Infograph

The Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace uses powerful AI/ML technology to match your open jobs to an ever-expanding network of thousands of proven talent suppliers and their respective talent pools so you can fill your open positions quickly and easily.

On-Demand Talent Pools

On-Demand Talent Pools

Speed up your time-to-hire with the highest quality talent currently available on the market.

Use on-demand talent pools to scale your team, build talent pipelines, access talent for hard-to-fill positions, and hire for critical roles quickly.

On-Demand Talent Pools
Direct Sourcing Infograph

Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing Infograph

Build a stronger workforce by accessing your organization’s existing talent pools as well as extending reach into additional talent pools to find quality candidates. Not only does Direct Sourcing give you more candidates to choose from, it also speeds up time-to-hire so your ideal candidates can start quickly.

Leverage existing talent pools:

Extend your reach into additional talent pools:

Workforce Solutions

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Enhance your contingent workforce program by incorporating essential workforce solutions and partnering with our team of experts.

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