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Browse our resource library to learn more about Prosperix and how our solutions lead to outstanding outcomes for contingent workforce programs.

Prosperix Solutions Overview

Get an overview of all of Prosperix’s solutions, including Prosperix VMS, Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace, Workforce Solutions, On-Demand Talent Pools, and Direct Sourcing.

Case Study: Avon

Avon case study

Uncover Avon workforce challenges and solutions enhancing workforce management outcomes and using a networked MSP/VMS solution.

Prosperix VMS Network

Prosperix VMS Network brings together hiring businesses, talent suppliers, and candidates into a common ecosystem, enabling precise connections, richer insights, lower costs, and faster hiring in a cloud-based platform.

Case Study: South Jersey Industries

SJI case study

Uncover SJI workforce challenges and solutions optimizing and scaling contingent hiring program and using a modern MSP/VMS Solution.

Prosperix Xponential Tip Sheet

Get insights on how to build your own Xponential Workforce. Identify the main challenges and know how to design your workforce strategy.

Prosperix Xponential Overview

Prosperix Xponential Overview

Get an overview of Xponential Workforce. Evaluate your companies maturity and evaluate all aspects of workforce solution available.

Workforce Insights Module

Workforce Insights Module

When you use Prosperix Workforce Insights Module, you gain a level of visibility and transparency that provides broad and deep information to support the tactical and strategic workforce decisions your company requires. Take a look and see what are the info you can have to enrich your workforce strategy.

Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace

Get insight into the Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace, a network of thousands of suppliers and talent pools to efficiently fill your open positions.

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