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Top MSPs
Use Prosperix to Power their Programs

There’s no limit to what you can bring to your client programs with Prosperix technology by your side

Introducing the Prosperix Managed VMS (MVMS):

A Single VMS to Manage All Your Client Programs

Prosperix VMS Network is the first and only Managed VMS: A pioneering contingent workforce technology platform purpose-built to support and strengthen Managed Services Providers.

While most VMSs do a good job of letting MSPs administer an individual client’s program, the Prosperix MVMS is the first solution that empowers you to centrally manage and self-configure all your Prosperix-powered clients – through a single, easy-to-use interface.

Centralization = Faster Customization

Tired of waiting for your VMS partners to make the customizations you need? The Prosperix MVMS empowers you to self-configure Prosperix on your own terms and on your own schedule – without support tickets or costly delays.

Build workflows, create custom fields, modify pay rules, revise tax codes, administer user access privileges, import and export data, update rate cards, and more – all without waiting on your VMS support team.

And because Prosperix lets you self-manage your clients’ VMS configurations, you can make changes on-demand to stay ahead of evolving program needs.

With Prosperix, modern technology and an innovative approach have joined forces. And now it’s easier than ever for MSPs to build, grow, and manage best-in-class programs for their entire client base.

Amp Up Talent Access–Way Up

Centralized management isn’t the only innovation that sets the Prosperix MVMS apart.

Our platform includes the Prosperix Hiring Marketplace, the industry’s only fully networked ecosystem that can instantly connect you and your clients to thousands (yes, thousands!) of vetted talent suppliers from around the world.

Available with the VMS or on its own, our patent-pending, cloud-based Hiring Marketplace uses advanced technology and AI to take the complexity out of supplier management.

So stop limiting your supplier numbers. Instead, tap into an entire world of proven talent sources – national firms, global powerhouses, niche suppliers, and of course your clients’ existing suppliers – right at your fingertips. From day one.

The result: Broader talent access, faster fills, and much lower rates. Increasing competition has its rewards!

How Does Prosperix Support
Thousands of Global Suppliers?

The answer lies in our powerful AI-based supplier management automation technology.

Your Leadership, Our Technology

As an MSP, it’s your job to deliver the best vendor management solutions for your clients’ contingent workforce programs. That’s why partnering with Prosperix may be the single most important step you can take to create better outcomes and ensure happier clients.

Here’s what you get when you deploy the Prosperix MVMS in your client programs: 

Technology Prowess

Position your clients for success by harnessing the power of the industry’s most advanced and AI-driven VMS.


Make the tough decisions easier. True real-time analytics ensure visibility into every nuance of each program.

Interactive Dashboards

Take control of your centralized program management with customizable, interactive, easy-to-use interfaces.

Access to Better Talent

Instantly plug your clients into thousands of proven global suppliers and the widest array of top talent.

Supplemental MSP Support

Need help? Prosperix knows MSPs and provides ad hoc MSP support services for our partners when needed.

Cost Savings

Automation and more competitive hiring practices team up to deliver maximum value for you and your clients.

Full Global Capabilities

That perfect worker is out there, and it may not be where you think. We make it easy to find and hire talent virtually anywhere.

Unlimited Scalability

With modern technology as your foundation, you and your clients can adapt and grow quickly without a hitch.

Customization Made Easy

Prosperix sets the industry standard with virtually unlimited customization capabilities.

Support for 
All Talent Types

SOWs, W-2s, temps, 1099s – it doesn’t matter. 
If your clients
need them,
we can support them.

A Technology Foundation Like No Other

With the Prosperix MVMS powering your MSP services, you can give your clients speed, flexibility, and transparency they simply can’t get from a traditional VMS. Here’s why:

Self-configuration and management
Requisition Intake and Management
Job Distribution
Requisition Tracking
Supplier Base
New Supplier Onboarding
Supplier Performance Management
Candidate Curation
Reporting and Analytics


MSP with
Prosperix-Powered VMS

Configure and manage client instances without support tickets
Automated; faster and fewer errors
AI-driven, with automated supplier tiering; always connect jobs to the right set of suppliers
Automated and real-time; accessible 24/7/365
Virtually unlimited; thousands of suppliers in our unique Hiring Marketplace, plus clients’ incumbents
Automated; relieves vetting and contracting challenges
Suppliers self-monitor through real-time scorecards, reducing need for MSP performance reviews
AI-driven; more focused batch of higher-quality candidates 
True real-time reporting with 24/7/365 access
Fully managed

MSP with Traditional

Most configurations require support tickets and/or software updates, increasing implementation times
Typically manual; slower and error-prone
Typically relies on manual tiering and traditional distribution methods
Typically manual; accessible upon request
Limited; technology constraints compel MSPs to keep supplier numbers low
Typically manual; often burdensome and distracting
Performance typically evaluated during periodic supplier reviews
Typically manual; MSPs and/or client managers must sift through larger batch of less-qualified candidates
Timeliness and accessibility of analytics vary 
Fully managed

Put the Prosperix MVMS to Work for Your Client Programs

It’s time to see how much easier it can be to support your client programs while adding real-world, best-in-class VMS value in ways never before possible. 

today to join Prosperix’s exclusive MSP Partner Program.

What's in it for You?

MSPs love to partner with Prosperix because we deliver ongoing value that other VMSs can’t match.

Prosperix VMS Network

Manage your workforce and achieve outstanding hiring outcomes.

Prosperix Hiring Marketplace

Hire at scale using a network of suppliers and talent pools.

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Total workforce management solution that joins technology and human expertise

Prosperix VMS Network
Accelerating Innovation in Hiring and Workforce Management

Prosperix VMS Network
Accelerating Innovation in Hiring and Workforce Management