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Prosperix Hiring Marketplace

Hire extraordinary talent with an AI-driven hiring marketplace filled with motivated talent suppliers and high-quality candidates at competitive rates.

Transform Your Talent Acquisition Today

Our unrivaled technology and supplier access allow you to expand beyond your traditional suppliers, creating a scalable, sustainable talent supply base. 

Gain unlimited candidate choice, more filled positions, fulfilled business goals, and happy hiring teams. Let us help you create your exponential workforce.

Unleash the power of exponential supplier participation and candidate interaction

Our hiring marketplace was designed to value all stakeholders, vastly improving your hiring and workforce management outcomes.

For Businesses

Gain access to unlimited new suppliers and unparalleled pools of talent. We will help you:

For Suppliers

Participate in a democratized platform that rewards you based on your performance. We empower you to:

For Candidates

Explore opportunities, apply to jobs, and collaborate with hiring teams through our fully-accessible platform that gives you control over your career journey. We make sure you can:

Achieve Outstanding Hiring Outcomes with Prosperix Hiring Marketplace

Access an expansive network of suppliers to hire at scale.

Empower your talent acquisition teams. Quickly fill open positions with an expansive supplier network representing diverse skills, geographies, and niches, ensuring immediate access to high-quality candidates at competitive rates.

Our hiring marketplace includes:













Enjoy these advantages

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Reduced time to hire

Access a self-serve platform that supports job creation, role-specific hiring workflows, candidate and supplier communication, interview schedules, document management, and candidate onboarding.

Increased Available Talent Pools

Expand your candidate search by tapping into a multitude of talent pools that will allow you to build a strong, diverse workforce. From a single account, you can access existing internal talent pools, and external, supplier-managed, direct sourcing, and remote/offshore talent pools.

Automated supplier management

Maximize efficiency with automated job-to-supplier matching that uses  AI-powered algorithms. You can dynamically pair jobs with the most qualified suppliers and access real-time data on their profiles, talent pools, and performance.

Enhanced candidate quality by accelerating time-to-hire

Streamline hiring processes with our dual candidate curation approach. Advanced AI-based technology bolstered by human expertise ensures rigorous qualification, screening, and curation to expedite your time-to-hire while guaranteeing access to the best candidates in the market.

Improved cost transparency and reduced hiring spend

Pay only for the candidates you successfully hire, eliminating software subscription costs. Secure top talent at prevailing market rates by participating in our fair, transparent, and competitive marketplace. Experience a smarter approach to talent acquisition and regain control over your hiring budget.

VMS network integration

Seamlessly integrated with our VMS Network, the hiring marketplace combines the power of automation, real-time analytics, and candidate-centric features to offer comprehensive hiring and workforce management.

Real-time supplier scorecards and reporting

Gain real-time insights and track vital performance indicators, including candidate coverage, job performance, spend management, and overall hiring program health, while providing suppliers with real-time scorecards for constant performance visibility.

Measurable benefits

1010+ 1020+ 1030+ 2040+ 3800+

Vetted talent suppliers in Hiring Marketplace

5:1 8:1 10:1 13:1 16:1

Supplier bill rate compliance

0 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1

Interviews per job

20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

Job fill rate

85% 65% 45% 25% 18%

Faster time-to-fill vs. industry norm

How it works

Prosperix VMS Network

Manage your workforce and achieve outstanding hiring outcomes.

Prosperix Xponential

A complete and comprehensive solution to empower and transform your contingent workforce.

Prosperix MSP Services

Build next-gen contingent workforce programs through a trusted MSP partner.

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