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Prosperix Compliance and Global EOR/AOR Services

Recruiting is just the beginning. Engaging contingent workers safely and efficiently means less worry, great outcomes, and happy workers.

Everything You Need for Peace of Mind

At Prosperix, full-service really means full-service. We supplement our modern contingent workforce recruiting solution – powered by our Prosperix VMS Network technology – with end-to-end IC compliance and Global Employer of Record (EOR)/Agent of Record (AOR) services.

Whether you use 10 contingent workers or 10,000, our services keep your engagements safe, your projects on track, and your business moving forward – and give you the confidence to adapt quickly as your workforce needs change.

Independent Contractor (IC) Compliance

Misclassifying workers as Independent Contractors can lead to disastrous legal issues: stiff fines, back tax payments, and even sweeping class-action lawsuits. Add in long-term management distraction and the ensuing brand damage, and the hole you’re in gets even deeper.

That’s where Prosperix comes in. While most businesses struggle to grasp the fine line between IC and employee, Prosperix understands every nuance of IC qualification and ensures full compliance for all your contingent workers – regardless of job, level, or location. You’ll instantly put a team of proven IC compliance experts to work for you, so you can rest easy.

Fast, Automated Evaluations

Prosperix’s advanced technology platform evaluates each worker’s IC compliance profile quickly and seamlessly.


A worker who qualifies as an IC in Maine may not qualify in California. The Prosperix platform accommodates for every state’s laws.

Misclassification and 
Co-employment Protection

With Prosperix, you’ll never again worry about whether you’re complying with national, state, and regional IC regulations.


Just as Prosperix makes global hiring easier, we also make non-U.S. compliance concerns a thing of the past.

Internal Knowledge 

Prosperix stays up-to-date with ever-changing labor laws and tax regulations, and we update our platform instantly as rules change.


No Prosperix-qualified worker has ever been reclassified. But if it ever happens, we indemnify for tax-related penalties.

Employer of Record (EOR) and Agent of Record (AOR) Services

Prosperix provides AOR services for workers who qualify as ICs, and EOR services for those who don’t. As such, we relieve you of the legal responsibility associated with engaging contingent workers and offer a smooth and appealing experience for every provider you bring on.

Prosperix lets you offload the complex administrative tasks that keep your staff from focusing on your core business needs. This reduces errors, ensures faster and smoother project starts, and even helps with recruiting and retention. Better still, we help you safely and affordably tap into international talent markets, without having to set up a presence in each country.


Contract Administration

Prosperix alleviates the burden of negotiating, executing, and maintaining agreements with your contingent workforce.

Onboarding / Offboarding

Our modern online onboarding platform gets providers to work quickly and leaves a great first impression for your business.

Time and Expense Collection and Invoicing 

Time / expense entry and approvals are intuitive and we can customize our consolidated invoicing process to meet your needs.


Prosperix provides reliable and accurate payroll / payment processing, including tax withholding for employees

HR Support and Benefits

For employees, Prosperix handles HR-related tasks such as benefits and worker's compensation administration.

Candidate-centric experience

Empower candidates with more control over and visibility into their individual hiring experiences as they directly manage profiles, apply to jobs, schedule interviews, and receive status updates.

Prosperix EOR and AOR, Side by Side

Prosperix EOR

IC compliance evaluation

Insurance coverage verification

Contract execution and administration

Worker engagement as Prosperix employee

Worker engagement as Independent Contractor

Fast, fully online onboarding

Worker provisioning / equipment support

Intuitive time and expense entry

Automated client invoicing

Payrolling / payments

Employment benefits

HR support


Global coverage

Advanced, real-time analytics and tracking

Integrates with HRIS, ATS, accounting, and more

Prosperix EOR

Prosperix evaluates all workers

Prosperix AOR

Prosperix evaluates all workers

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Prosperix VMS Network
Accelerating Innovation in Hiring and Workforce Management

Prosperix VMS Network
Accelerating Innovation in Hiring and Workforce Management