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VMS Network

The only vendor management system with a built-in hiring marketplace that delivers exponential agility, scalability, and intelligence

Vendor Management - Redefined

Today’s volatile business landscape demands technology that adapts to unpredictable change, collects and analyzes data in real time, and fosters a networked ecosystem of suppliers and talent pools.

That’s how we’ve built Prosperix VMS Network.

Legacy VMS platforms only allow users to interact with and manage existing suppliers, talent, and data.

Our patent-pending technology provides more:

Hiring marketplace

Talent pool management

Dynamic job distribution

Reporting and analytics

Automated supplier management

Consolidated billing

Workforce insights


Hiring marketplace

Talent pool management

Automated supplier management

Consolidated billing

Dynamic job distribution

Reporting and analytics

Workforce insights


Why choose Prosperix VMS Network?

So many other solutions providers claim to offer comprehensive, modern technology designed to cope with unexpected change. We actually do.

Our patent-pending VMS network ensures access to the world’s largest ecosystem of businesses, suppliers, and candidates. We enable companies to gain total visibility into their workforces, increase cost savings, reduce rogue spend, and improve business outcomes. 

Unique Differentiators:​

Only VMS with a built-in hiring marketplace

Tap into a continually expanding network of suppliers and candidates in addition to your incumbent suppliers and existing talent pools – ensuring faster time-to-hire, higher job-fill rates, and more talent spanning diverse geographies and skill sets.

Intelligent algorithms

Achieve greater program efficiency and results with intelligent algorithms that dynamically match suppliers and distribute jobs across our networked platform, aided by automated functions like AI-driven tiering and performance management.

Automated supplier management

Enable incumbent and new suppliers to contribute immediately with reduced friction and optimized, automated processes that facilitate contract administration, supplier vetting, and onboarding.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Boost visibility, transparency, and performance across your program with real-time reports, analytics, and scorecards.

Flexible workflows

Create custom hiring workflows for every job, department, or your entire program based on exact specifications with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Candidate-centric experience

Empower candidates with more control over and visibility into their individual hiring experiences as they directly manage profiles, apply to jobs, schedule interviews, and receive status updates in their Prosperix accounts.

Reduced duplicate submissions

Improve efficiency and increase transparency with our digital right-to-represent, which allows candidates to select the talent supplier they prefer to work with using our industry-first capability.

Immediate setup and go-live

Invite users to the VMS, and they can start using it the same day. A simple set-up process and in-app training makes long, difficult implementations a thing of the past.

By the numbers

1010+ 1020+ 1030+ 2040+ 3800+

Vetted talent suppliers in Hiring Marketplace

5:1 8:1 10:1 13:1 16:1

Supplier bill rate compliance

85% 65% 45% 25% 18%

Faster time-to-fill vs. industry norm

1.2/5 2.5/5 3.5/5 4.1/5 4.6/5

Quality of interviewed candidates

20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

Job fill rate

What the experts are saying

SJI Case Study: 100% fill-rate achieved within first year

Find out how Prosperix transformed South Jersey's Industry contingent workforce program with our combined VMS/MSP solution.

Learn about Prosperix Xponential

The Prosperix VMS Network becomes even more powerful when combined with our hiring marketplace, MSP expertise, and payrolling services – brought together in a comprehensive suite of technology and services expertise we call Prosperix Xponential.

Meet exponential change with our exponential solution.

Prosperix Hiring Marketplace

Hire at scale using a network of suppliers and talent pools.

Prosperix MSP Services

Build next-gen contingent workforce programs through a trusted MSP partner.

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Total workforce management solution that joins technology and human expertise

Prosperix VMS Network
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