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About Us

Driving Workforce Innovation and Prosperity

Prosperix is a workforce innovation company. We develop software solutions that allow businesses to build and manage an extraordinary workforce and fuel their boldest initiatives and dreams.

For businesses to evolve and attain their aspirations, they must think and act differently. We’ve pioneered a new way of building and managing a thriving workforce that directly supports those lofty goals.

Ultimately, we want our solutions to create human, workforce, and business prosperity.

We’re excited for you to learn more about us through our mission, vision, values — and our greater reason for being.  Join us as we build a more prosperous future for all.

Our Vision

To fuel human, workforce, and business prosperity

Our Mission

To develop innovative solutions that help every company build and
manage an extraordinary workforce

Our Values

To inspire individuals, the workforce, and businesses so everyone can achieve their highest potentialTo partner, provide trusted advice, resources, and partnershipTo innovate in ways that matter and move the world forwardTo impact through meaningful, real-world value that creates measurable impactTo act in ways that demonstrate our commitment to our values

Executive Team

Sunil Bagai
Chief Executive Officer

Nearly three decades of product and technology development, sales, and business leadership experience

Scott Giroux
Chief Operating Officer

More than twenty years’ experience in workforce solutions, operations, client management, and team building

Ravdeep Sawhney
Chief Product Officer

More than two decades of technology development, user experience, and product innovation experience

Our Reason for Being

Ikigai is the Japanese concept of making a difference every day, personally and professionally, for yourself and those around you. It is your reason for being.

Individuals, teams, and organizations have tremendous untapped potential and capabilities waiting to be discovered and nurtured, so all of those entities can bloom.

That’s why Prosperix is designing innovative workforce solutions that enable all workforce stakeholders to prosper and thrive.

Our Prosperix Ikigai shares the core concepts and beliefs that inspire us to help everyone achieve prosperity.

How we create workforce prosperity

Human Prosperity

The ability for individuals to bloom and fulfill their highest potential by using their skills and talents in ways that have meaningful impact.

Business Prosperity

The ability for businesses to thrive and reach their highest potential, ensuring that their long-term goals and dreams become reality.

Workforce Prosperity

The ability for a workforce to help create and fulfill the collective goals and dreams of a company’s entire workforce and its clients, creating alignment and harmony.

Civilization Prosperity

The ability for individuals to bloom and fulfill their highest potential by using their skills and talents in ways that have meaningful impact.


Fostering a balanced, sustainable, harmonious community that includes a keen understanding that prosperity for individuals requires interdependency that benefits the whole.


Finding mutual agreement on a group’s long-term dreams, vision, path, and outcomes that lead to greater trust and commitment.


Empowerment Treating individuals as stakeholders; listening to, respecting, and acting upon their opinions, beliefs, feelings, and needs.


The ability for individuals to bloom and fulfill their highest potential by using their skills and talents in ways that have meaningful impact.


Recognizing differences among people; acknowledging that differences are a valued asset and a necessity to achieve stronger results and outcomes. 


Adopting resilient, elastic foundational elements that ensure an organization can thrive in the most challenging times. 


Welcoming creativity and new ideas that become catalysts for growth and prosperity, while facilitating resilience to face the turbulence of the constantly-changing environment.


Enabling greater visibility and accountability, fixing inequities through open information, and fostering an environment that increases trust and partnership over time.


At Prosperix, we’re a dynamic community of motivated individuals on a mission to revolutionize workforce management. Our passion lies in merging cutting-edge technology with human expertise to transform how businesses navigate workforce challenges.

We cherish the spirit of collaboration, respect, and value each member, making us more than just colleagues – we’re a family dedicated to a shared vision. Join us if you share our passion for innovation and teamwork!

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Manage your workforce and achieve outstanding hiring outcomes.

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Hire at scale using a network of suppliers and talent pools.

Prosperix Xponential

A complete and comprehensive solution to empower and transform your contingent workforce.

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Build next-gen contingent workforce programs through a trusted MSP partner.

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