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Crowdstaffing Hiring

Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace

Access A Marketplace of Thousands of Suppliers and Talent Pools To Efficiently Fill Your Open Positions.

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Supercharge Your Hiring

The Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace is an online platform with powerful AI technology that matches your open jobs to an ever-expanding network of thousands of proven talent suppliers and their respective talent pools so you can fill your open positions quickly and easily.

Access An Expansive Network of Suppliers To Hire At Scale

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Our supplier network consists of thousands of motivated suppliers representing every skill, niche and geography in the US, Canada and abroad, providing immediate access to more talent pools, better coverage and higher-quality candidates so you can quickly fill your open positions

The Hiring Marketplace includes a diverse mix of talent suppliers:

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Increase Your Available Talent Pools

Increase Your Available Talent Pools

Increase Your Available Talent Pools

With more haystacks to search and select from, your ability to find ideal candidates increases exponentially. 

Build a stronger workforce by extending your reach into additional talent pools to find quality candidates, including:

Automate Supplier Management

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We’ve taken a new approach to supplier management that reduces friction, leverages automation, and allows suppliers to begin contributing immediately. 

Our enhancements include:

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Improve Candidate Quality Through Active Curation

Improve Candidate Quality Through Active Curation

Improve Candidate Quality Through Active Curation

We provide active curation through our team of Talent Advisors for every position that is posted in the Hiring Marketplace. When you receive candidates to review, they’ve already been qualified and screened by the representing recruiter and our team. 

We take care of the following:

Improve Cost Transparency and Reduce Hiring Spend

Prosperix Hiring Marketplace

The Hiring Marketplace cultivates a healthy environment for fair and transparent competition amongst suppliers, ensuring you receive the best candidates at the best rates. We also use data from previous hires to identify when rates require adjustment. The result is that you save money on your hires and can be sure you’re paying fair market rates.

Prosperix Hiring Marketplace

Leverage AI To Speed Up Time To Hire

Our AI algorithms match jobs with candidates, jobs with suppliers, and candidates with suppliers (in all directions) in real time across the Hiring Marketplace. This ensures that suppliers are aligned with the candidates and jobs that are the most suitable to them based on their skills, location and prior success. All of this means that you can hire quickly and more efficiently, reducing time-to-hire significantly.

Job Attention Algorithm​

Determines attention for a job and prioritizes for distribution, learning over time the impact of each role to the business and in the marketplace.

Multi-direction Matching Algorithm

Matches jobs, suppliers & candidates across ecosystem. Algorithm matches jobs with suppliers, and candidates with suppliers (all directions) in real-time across the marketplace.

Job Distribution Algorithm

Distributes job to most capable, proven suppliers based on predetermined job priority. Dynamically distributes to optimal number of qualified suppliers based on successful hires in recent past, supplier bandwidth, skills and geographical expertise.

EOR Services

Eliminate Compliance Risk With Payroll and EOR Services

EOR Services

Upon hire, we can become the Employer of Record (EOR), taking care of payroll, statutory requirements, workers comp insurance, business insurance, and employee benefits. 

We handle the following as EOR:

Use Powerful Technology to Manage the End-to-End Hiring Process

End-To-End Hiring Lifecycle Management

We have developed key innovations into our Hiring Marketplace that are designed to help you achieve extraordinary hiring results. 

These include the ability to:

End-To-End Hiring Lifecycle Management

How It Works

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Post a Job

Include relevant details and the job description.


Distribution & Matching

Job Matching Algorithms use information in the job description to connect the job to a our marketplace of thousands of Talent Suppliers representing all sizes, specialties, and geographies.

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Talent Suppliers parallel source candidates from internal and external talent pools. Matched candidates are curated and submitted for your review in the platform by Prosperix Talent Advisors.

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When a hiring decision is made, automated offers, background checks, and onboarding get hires to work quickly.

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Prosperix VMS Network
Accelerating Innovation in Hiring and Workforce Management

Prosperix VMS Network
Accelerating Innovation in Hiring and Workforce Management