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Talent Supplier Overview & FAQ

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What Is It?

Prosperix is a workforce innovation company developing software solutions that allow businesses to build an extraordinary workforce. Our Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace connects growing businesses with recruiters and candidates, creating economic opportunity for everyone.

Benefits of Joining

Expand Your Funnel With New Opportunities

Upon registration, you gain immediate access to new job opportunities daily - with zero business development effort needed. Use sourcing tools in our marketplace like shareable links to build a pipeline of candidates for your talent pool.

Monetize Your Talent Pool

Managing resumes, taking notes, and setting up appointments are standard in any applicant tracking system. But we go a step further, bringing revenue opportunities directly to you and your recruiting team. Our built-in AI automatically matches your candidates to new jobs and then notifies you so you can take further action.

Build Your Brand

Every candidate that you interact with is a potential champion for your brand. Because we understand the value of your brand we’ve ensured that you can customize your online presence, profile and how you showcase job opportunities to candidates.

Earn Rewards for Placements

Earn rewards for each placement. The more you participate and the better you perform, the more job opportunities you’ll receive. Plus, you can earn exclusive access to certain client opportunities.

Worry-Free Placements & Quick Payments

As the employer of record for all hires, we take care of all onboarding, payroll, and compliance, freeing you up to hire more candidates. After a candidate gets hired, you get paid within 15 days after invoice submission.

How does it work?

The Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace uses AI to match our clients’ open jobs to a proven, ever-expanding network of talent suppliers and their respective talent pools. Talent Suppliers select the jobs they want to work on, and earn rewards for successful placements.


Upon registration you’ll set up your profile by specifying the types of jobs, categories and locations you prefer to work on. Once your profile is complete, you will start to receive daily job notifications that match your recruiting expertise and interest. As you start to save jobs and submit candidates, our smart algorithms will start to recommend new jobs as they get published. Save the jobs that are of interest and dismiss those that are not.


You can also search through all open job opportunities in the Hiring Marketplace; filter by client, job type, location and more.


Add your candidate(s) and their resume in the marketplace. Make sure you speak to the candidate to verify their interest in the job and their current contact info (email and phone).


Invite the candidate to the job to confirm their interest and your right to represent them.


Work directly with Prosperix talent advisors and hiring managers to coordinate interviews and provide feedback and support to your candidates as they move through the hiring process.


Your candidate gets hired – you earn monetary rewards.

Yes, this is a requirement under our terms of service agreement. Prosperix wants to assure a great candidate experience and that starts with a conversation. Connecting with candidates is the quickest way to establish a relationship and get a sense of if the candidate is a good fit for the job in consideration or perhaps something different altogether.

When you speak to candidates, it is important to inform them of who you are and the entity you represent. You can also say that you are a talent supplier in the Crowdstaffing hiring marketplace. Here is a sample script that you can use:


“Hi (Candidate First Name), my name is [Name] and I partner  with Crowdstaffing, a hiring marketplace that connects people to opportunities. I’m reaching out to you today because I think you would be a great fit for the (Job Title) in (City, State) and wanted to see if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity“

As the conversation continues remember to tell the candidate the following:

  • Keep a lookout in their email for an invitation to the job opportunity
  • On accepting the invitation the candidate’s application and resume will be submitted
  • A Crowdstaffing Talent Advisor may contact them about next steps

If you need help creating your phone script, you can reach out to one of our Talent Advisors once you’re registered in the marketplace and they will assist you.

As a general rule, we don’t post compensation for positions publicly because the final compensation depends on experience and can vary based on the candidate. We do however provide a compensation range to help set the right expectations. If you have any specific compensation related questions on a job, you can contact the Talent Advisor for the position on the platform.

Yes! If you are planning to post to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, make sure to use your unique shareable link in your post. If a candidate applies to a job from your post they will automatically be connected to you and the job, allowing you to track responses and receive rewards for successful placements.

We encourage our Talent Suppliers to publish a list of jobs on their personal websites or social profiles and have candidates apply directly through the unique shareable link for each job.

Upon registration you’ll set up your profile by specifying the types of jobs, categories and locations you prefer to recruit for. Using this information we will notify you as new jobs are published that match your profile. As you save jobs and submit candidates, our smart algorithms start to learn and better identify the best job opportunities for you.

Independent recruiters and Staffing Agencies from all over the world can join the Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace and become an approved Talent Supplier. To qualify, recruiters must have prior recruiting experience that is verifiable, a valid business setup if applicable, tax registration number, and a bank account to receive payments.

A “Reward” amount is listed at the top of every job posting in the Hiring Marketplace. For contingent positions the reward amount is an approximate  hourly rate earned for each hour worked for the duration of the assignment. For Direct Hire positions, the Reward amount is displayed as a total fee that is paid as a lump sum for the placement after the guarantee period has been completed. The exact reward amount, whether it’s the hourly rate or the lump sum placement fee, is confirmed after a hire is made. 


Once a candidate is successfully hired for a position, here is how you will be paid:

For Direct Hire positions:

After your candidate is hired and has completed the guarantee period period, your Reward amount will be paid as a lump sum using an electronic payment option. 

A guarantee period is the length of time your candidate is required to be actively employed by the client in order for you to receive the Reward. Most guarantee periods range between 30-90 days and vary from client to client. 

After the guarantee period is completed, we will confirm your candidate is still employed. Once we receive confirmation, we will process your reward and it will be paid within 15 business days after confirmation.

For Contingent positions

Each month Crowdstaffing generates a Rewards Report detailing the names of your candidates on assignment as well as the hours worked for the month and respective reward amounts. Reward Reports are sent out monthly by the 10th of each month and payments are processed by the 15th of the month. You do not need to submit an invoice to us to receive a payment. We will automatically generate an invoice number and process a payment to you for the total payable amount.

You will continue to be paid for Candidates you have placed on assignment for the entire length of the assignment. At the end of the assignment we will partner with you to get that candidate redeployed on another assignment. If the candidate is successfully hired for the next assignment, you will be paid for that assignment as well.

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