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Workforce Solutions

Enhance your contingent workforce program by incorporating essential workforce solutions and partnering with our team of experts.

Workforce Strategy & Advisory Services

Workforce Strategy & Advisory Services

Prosperix acts as an extension of your organization, taking responsibility for helping you achieve your workforce goals of building a best-in-class workforce program that achieves extraordinary outcomes. We take a consultative approach to help you imagine and define your workforce of the future, and support you with the specific strategies and tactics required to make it a reality.

Workforce Strategy & Advisory Services
MSP Services And Contingent Workforce Management

MSP Services And Contingent Workforce Management

MSP Services And Contingent Workforce Management

As your MSP, Prosperix oversees and manages your entire contingent workforce program, relieving you of the associated administrative and logistical burdens. 

Our team of experts provides high-touch, concierge level service for all facets of the hiring and workforce management process, including:

Candidate Curation

Candidate Curation Infograph

Reduce the workload of internal hiring teams by leveraging qualification and curation of candidates by Prosperix. We provide active curation through our team of Talent Advisors for every position posted in our VMS Network and Hiring Marketplace. 

When you receive candidates to review, they’ve already been qualified and screened by the representing recruiter and shortlisted and curated by our team. We take care of the following:

Candidate Curation Infograph
Payroll and Employer-of-Record Services Infograph

Payroll and Employer-of-Record Services

Payroll and Employer-of-Record Services Infograph

The Prosperix Payrolling and EOR service provides clients with the ability to immediately enroll and onboard identified candidates, with Prosperix serving as employer-of-record and assuming all roles and responsibilities, including:

1099 Independent Contractor and Agent-of-Record Services

Prosperix mitigates the risk of managing a 1099 independent contractor (IC) workforce. Our IC Services are designed to be flexible while providing you with protection from the potential risks associated with engaging with an independent contractor workforce. 

Independent Contractor Certification

We screen the IC prior to starting an assignment and provide a contractor-focused Audit Defense File. The service includes IC compliance, best practices training, and compliance monitoring of the IC. This option provides limited indemnity on the contractor meeting IC qualifications.

Full Compliance Screening

In addition to screening the contractor prior to starting, we conduct a complete vetting of the assignment to ensure both are compliant and provide a final classification decision which includes an Audit Defense File. The service includes IC compliance, best practices training, and compliance monitoring of the IC. This option provides targeted indemnification of the classification recommendation.

Agent of Record Services

This option includes both of the above listed services as well as provides full indemnification against IC misclassification.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Prosperix works with you to create a compliance and governance process that adheres to program policies while ensuring the guidelines do not limit your ability to build an extraordinary workforce that achieves outstanding outcomes. We understand the importance of ensuring the entire workforce is managed in accordance with federal, state and local laws while observing industry best practices and compliance standards. 

Our compliance efforts extend to all areas of your program, including:

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