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Hallmark Health Care Solutions and Prosperix Partner to Provide Single Source for Talent Procurement

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Hallmark Health Care Solutions (“Hallmark”), a leading provider of labor-management solutions, and Prosperix, a leading platform for crowd-staffed labor sourcing, are pleased to announce their new strategic partnership. Together, they now offer hospitals and health systems access to the industry’s most extensive network for both clinical and non-clinical staffing.

Globally, the demand for contingent labor is skyrocketing. In just the U.S., contingent and freelance workers make up nearly 20% of the workforce for the average business. By 2027, more than 60% of all labor is expected to be freelance. This trend makes it critical that organizations have access to robust talent resources.

Hallmark’s Einstein II technology platform already helps hundreds of healthcare facilities nationwide meet and optimize their internal and external nursing and clinical labor needs. Its users can improve the utilization of external agency nurses and equip senior decision-makers with AI-powered sourcing, scheduling and communication tools to produce substantially reduced labor-related costs. Similarly, Prosperix is a tech-forward platform that’s disrupting the staffing industry by offering businesses a new way to build and manage a thriving professional and technical workforce at scale through innovative crowd staffing technologies.

Integrated together, these two solutions will enable hospitals and health systems to staff their full range of talent needs through Einstein II, including nurses, providers, clinical staff, tech, business, finance, administrative and more.

“By leveraging Prosperix and their network of over 2,000 on-demand talent suppliers, we can now offer greater access and greater resources through the Einstein II platform,” says William Reau, Chief Operating Officer, and Principal at Hallmark. “Between Einstein II’s best-in-class workforce procurement and Prosperix’s incredible technology and supply of professional-technical staff, we can now offer a truly comprehensive suite of services and solutions for managing the entire ecosystem of contract labor in healthcare.”

“The natural alignment of our two firms has produced one of those rare cases where 1+1 is more than 2,” says Sunil Bagai, CEO of Prosperix. “Working in tandem, we can create value for customers through faster, more complete, and more cost-effective labor fulfillment. What makes this possible is that both companies are built on a modern architecture that makes for easy and seamless integration, so we can add value faster for stakeholders.”

Further, this partnership means hospitals and health systems will be able to leverage the industry’s most advanced workforce sourcing innovations, including smart AI-powered matching.

This means the system itself can match open roles to the ideal suppliers in real-time based on historic performance to identify the vendors best suited to work on a particular labor requirement. These and similar capabilities mean that even if hospitals and health systems already have other suppliers supporting them, Einstein II and Prosperix will be able to outperform competing options with lower bill rates, faster time to fill, greater geographic reach, and an ability to staff niche needs – all from within a single system.

About Prosperix

In this section, you can get an overview of the scale of your contingent hiring program, with insight into the total number of:

  • Published Jobs
  • Total Jobs Under Review
  • Open Jobs
  • Jobs Without Candidates
  • Closed Jobs
  • Category Breakdown
  • Positions By Geography

About Hallmark Health Care Solutions

In the pipeline activity section, you can view the number of qualified and disqualified candidates in each stage of the hiring process, giving you insight into how many candidates are progressing through your pipeline at any given time.

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