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Prosperix Teams with Mother Miracle School to Expand Educational Opportunities for Disadvantaged Students

The school, located in Rishikesh, India helps its students break the cycle of poverty through a free K-12 English education, health care, nutrition, and technology training that translates into jobs.

Las Vegas, Nevada | January 30, 2023 – 

Prosperix, a workforce solutions company, has joined forces with Mother Miracle School in India to ensure the school’s future and increase the impact of education and jobs for its students. Prosperix CEO Sunil Bagai has made a financial commitment and is working to establish a school-to-work pipeline using the company’s workforce technology solutions to place students in software and IT jobs. These opportunities, at companies ranging from startups to large global companies, will help break the cycle of poverty for the students, their families, and their communities.

The students at Mother Miracle School come from households supported by low-wage work, like driving rickshaws or selling tea; the school gives them the education and training that helps them no longer be judged on their social status or the work of their parents. By supporting technical education and creating new job opportunities, students will experience more democratized access to careers and professional success.

“When I visited Mother Miracle School, I was deeply moved by the ways the non-profit cares for its students, providing everything from meals to musical instruments to the latest technology as a means to greater opportunity,” Sunil said. “I realized that since Prosperix already has a team of employees in India, we could set up a pipeline using our existing technology to help the students find good jobs, create better lives for them, and impact the entire community.”

Founded and led by Shalah Ettefagh, a US citizen, Mother Miracle School was established in 2008 and currently serves 486 economically-disadvantaged children, ages 4 ½ to 18 years old, who live in the community and surrounding regions. Her work is supported by many generous donors from around the world, most of whom she meets through personal introductions. “I met Sunil through a mutual friend, and his decision to work with us will change even more lives. He is such a positive example because he is Indian. His success and generosity will inspire our students,” she said.

Every student at the school receives general English education and technology skills training starting in kindergarten, with IT skills training beginning in in 6th grade. The school is the first of its kind in India to focus on technology training for such young students as a means to provide equal access to high-paying global job opportunities. Students learn skills like typing, Microsoft Office Suite, C, C++, Python development, HTML, and web design starting in elementary grades. And the model is sustainable because alumni come back to teach or volunteer and support the school financially. “This program makes it possible for students to disrupt the traditional social hierarchy, so by the time they graduate they are ready to apply their skills in the real world,” Sunil said. “This is an exciting initiative and provides a game-changing advantage for the students.”

School Director Kusum Bijalwan credits Shalah’s ability to make every student feel loved and capable as a major reason so many children excel. A graduate of Mother Miracle herself with two university degrees, Kusum said that her experience gave her opportunities she never imagined. “I joined Mother Miracle School when I was just an 8-year-old little girl with no dreams. I had never imagined that this school would change my life forever. This school not only gave me the best education, but also taught me to be a good human being,” she said. “Today I am managing the whole school. I am now independent and supporting my family financially. I am so grateful to Shahla mam for giving me this opportunity and changing my life.”

The school is expanding and will open an advanced technology center in 2024. The new facility will offer technical training to current students and others in the community who have completed 12th grade at a local school. The center will teach coding languages and their applications; staff will include full-time teachers, coders, developers, project managers, and support staff.

Since 2015, Shalah has received numerous awards for her work from the US and Indian governments, including the 2022 Ellis Island Medal of Honor in New York, the 2022 Fastest Growing Education Excellence Award in New Delhi, and the 2018 Mahatma Gandhi Samman Award at the UK House of Commons. Learn more about Mother Miracle School, sponsor a student, and donate here:

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