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Prosperix Xponential Makes Workforce Management Agile, Resilient, and Scalable to Support Exponential Growth and Improved Business Outcomes

The industry leader that introduced the only VMS Network now launches a comprehensive solution to create, manage, and future-proof every company’s extended workforce, making it extraordinary

San Jose, California | October 03, 2022 

Prosperix, a workforce innovation company, announces Prosperix Xponential, the newest addition to the company’s suite of solutions and services that help companies build and manage their extended workforces.

Prosperix Xponential is a bundled solution that joins the company’s patent-pending VMS Network, MSP expertise, hiring marketplace technology, and payrolling services into an end-to-end comprehensive solution. Companies adopting the solution are finding greater success engaging the right workers, suppliers, and partners to create a high-performance workforce and achieve their business goals.

“We created Prosperix Xponential because we understand that to be competitive – and succeed – in today’s unpredictable, fast-paced economy, companies need a highly-skilled, talented workforce. To achieve that goal, they need a workforce that’s agile, resilient, and can meet current and future needs,” said Sunil Bagai, CEO of Prosperix. “Prosperix Xponential allows growth at whatever speeds and volumes a business requires, no matter what their hiring initiatives look like, creating an extraordinary workforce. Companies need to meet exponential changes with an exponential solution, and this is exactly the problem we’re solving.”

The solution adds multidimensional benefits that will positively impact a company’s workforce, procurement or hiring team, technology ecosystem, day-to-day tactical matters, and strategic efforts. Prosperix Xponential includes:

●    MSP expertise provided by seasoned advisors that bolster the ability to hire quickly and effectively while monitoring key details like supplier and worker KPIs and budgets

●    VMS Network with a built-in hiring marketplace that provides real-time analytics and reporting, automated supplier management, candidate-centered experiences, and complete hiring lifecycle management

●    Hiring Marketplace that offers direct access to thousands of suppliers that provide talent across skills sets, niches, and geographies, increasing numbers of qualified, vetted, available candidates

●    Payrolling and employer-of-record services for all worker categories that enable immediate worker onboarding, while managing compliance, taxes and withholdings, background checks, and workers compensation

●    Unmatched candidate experience that results in higher-quality workers because they feel connected and aligned.

“When we developed Prosperix Xponential, we knew we were bringing something unique and necessary to the market,” Sunil said. “So, the logo reflects the upward trajectory we bring to every Xponential organization. As a company, we believe that workforce success happens when the focus is on people and technology. This new solution becomes yet another way we’re able to help companies and their workforces thrive.”

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