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How Our AI Matches Great Candidates to Your Job

Curious about how our modern vendor management platform really works? To shed some light on the built-in artificial intelligence (AI) that boosts hiring outcomes, we’re launching a series that explains some of our algorithms. 

At Prosperix, we believe that technology can and should make staffing easier for all parties involved. To help with that mission, we’ve modernized the vendor management system, using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the best candidates in our supplier network’s talent pools for our clients’ open jobs. To free up recruiters to spend their valuable time on developing relationships and delivering a positive candidate experience, we’ve boosted the sourcing process with AI to speed things up. The goal is to continue developing our modern vendor management system, staying ahead of the curve and providing innovative, helpful solutions that bring the staffing industry forward.

So, to make sourcing top candidates easier we’ve built technology into our Crowdstaffing VMS that quickly and accurately matches qualified candidates to open positions. Using our ever-growing talent network, this built-in AI scans resumes and job postings, processing this information to tag potential matches based on relevancy and proximity, which saves recruiters the time and effort usually spent manually combing through applications.  

Say you’re an employer looking for software engineers for a 6-month contract in Denver, CO. Once you enter the talent request into our system, our algorithm goes to work, zipping through our supplier network’s talent pools and looking for resumes with the background and experience you need whether that’s proficiency in Java or a Scrum certification. Then, it ensures that those candidates are within the specified region. In this case. only candidates who can commute to Denver are flagged for their recruiters to further screen and submit, unless you indicate that you allow for remote work. Essentially, we’ve built a way to quickly provide you with the best candidates for the jobs you’re hiring. 

How Our Job Matching Algorithm Works

 In order to recommend the right candidates to the right job, we’ve programmed our tech with AI that matches jobs both to the best recruiters in our hiring network and to the best candidates in their talent pools. This AI uses multiple metrics to determine which recruiters are best positioned to staff your position and which of their candidates are likely to excel in each of your positions. And we consider both the candidate and the employer to ensure that everyone will be satisfied with the match. 

First, to speed the sourcing process, our technology compares a candidate’s entire resume to each open job, checking the relevancy of their experience and skills against the roles’ requirements. Think: industry experience, hard skills, keywords, and more. This provides a baseline match to ensure that the candidate has the necessary background and isn’t, say, a person with 10 years of experience in manufacturing when the job requires a background in transportation.

Thanks to more built-in AI that uses natural language processing to “read” a candidate’s resume and determine whether it’s a good fit for the open role. Typically, this is a time-consuming task for recruiters, so this frees them up to further screen from the short list of candidates our algorithm provides.

Finally, our job matching algorithm takes into account candidates’ proximity to the job location.

By automatically narrowing down a list of qualified, available, and nearby candidates, our AI takes the pressure off of recruiters, freeing them up from screening tasks so they can use their time to help great candidates through the hiring process. Recruiters in our hiring marketplace spend more of their time making sure that they identify the best-matched candidates, including culture fit, for your open positions. 

To learn more about how Prosperix can help you build an extraordinary workforce, schedule a demo with our team.

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