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Why Vendor Management Systems Should Give Candidates Control Over Their Hiring Journey

In hiring, three stakeholders matter: businesses, recruiters, and candidates. But traditional vendor management systems (VMSs) used in contingent workforce management often serve just two of those groups, enabling communication and collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters. Candidates get left out — and they shouldn’t be.


After hiring managers publish open positions to a VMS, recruiters submit candidates from their talent pools — sometimes without the candidate’s knowledge or consent. And as the hiring process unfolds, these candidates are left out of the loop and must depend on recruiters for updates. 


Not only does this make candidates feel undervalued, but it’s also bad for business. First of all, without a direct line of communication with candidates, you risk a negative candidate experience and damage to your employer brand. Secondly, with the constant back-and-forth to schedule interviews and provide feedback, hiring isn’t as fast as it could be. Your contingent workforce management program deserves a better solution.


At Prosperix, we recognize that people are not commodities. That’s why we built our AI-powered vendor management solution with candidates, alongside businesses and staffing vendors, in mind. The result? Your hiring process is boosted by great technology that empowers every stakeholder in the hiring process.

How Our Hiring Platform Empowers Candidates and Boosts Your Employer Brand

Traditional vendor management systems only allow a candidate to login after a hire is made, and that’s only so the worker can manage timesheets and expenses. In contrast, Prosperix VMS Network gives candidates direct access and even gives them a progress dashboard to put them in the driver’s seat of their job search. Candidates can enter our platform in two ways. 


When a recruiter submits a candidate on our platform, the candidate is notified and invited to create an account with Prosperix to begin their hiring journey. Candidates are never in the dark.


Alternatively, candidates can create an account directly, without a recruiter invitation. They set up their profile, get matched with open jobs based on their skills and experience, and can then choose which recruiters they’d like to work with for hiring success.

The Candidate Dashboard: Giving control back to candidates

Prosperix VMS Network’s candidate dashboard offers a host of functionality to give candidates more control during their hiring journey. Candidates can create and manage their profile, view matched jobs, modify their resume, apply to positions, accept interviews, collaborate with recruiters, and view the status for each position to which they have applied — all within the same hiring platform.  


With the ability to choose which positions they would like to be considered for, candidates can self-select based on what aligns best with their values, career, and interests. Consequently, you have a greater likelihood of hiring engaged employees who are motivated to work for your business.


Our candidate dashboard also enables a digital right-to-represent process which, besides preventing duplicate submissions, gives candidates more say in their search. If two or more recruiters submit the same candidate for an open position, the candidate receives an alert to select which recruiter they would like to work with for that position, giving them full control over their representation.

Direct Interview Scheduling: Speeding up the hiring process

Scheduling interviews is a time-consuming part of the hiring process. Juggling everyone’s schedules can be frustrating for all involved, not to mention the fact that with traditional models, the recruiter must go back and forth between the hiring manager and the candidate. Then when something inevitably pops up, all parties have to go through the whole thing again to reschedule.


With Prosperix VMS Network, however, candidates and hiring managers can schedule interviews directly, using messaging, invitation, and scheduling functionality with our platform that also keeps the relevant recruiters informed. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth with recruiters, getting rid of administrative hassles and speeding up the hiring process.  

Bringing Back the Personal Touch: Improving the candidate experience

Human relationships 101 dictates that people feel valued when they have a voice and research on candidate experience only confirms this. By involving candidates in the hiring process from start to finish, our VMS delivers a stellar candidate experience based on empowerment.

Our hiring platform also erases a top candidate frustration: lack of transparency during the hiring process, especially related to the progress of their application. Prosperix VMS Network’s candidate dashboard enables candidates to follow their progress during the hiring process, and this transparency means they’re more likely to take a favorable view of your business. 

When you opt to use a solution like Prosperix VMS Network and engage with empowered candidates, you send a powerful message to them: We value you. After all, actions speak louder than words. As a result, you position yourself as an employer of choice. 

And you achieve that while also benefiting from the full functionality of our AI-powered vendor management system that includes a built-in hiring marketplace, allowing you to use the best technology while tapping into the power of the crowd. The future of hiring is here. 

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